Gender policy in the crisis. Equality in times of Corona

Online discussion

Thursday, 19th of November 2020 | 4–6 p.m.

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The corona pandemic is the biggest challenge since World War II, said the German Chancellor in March 2020. Experience to date shows that this challenge has had different effects on women and men. For example, women in particular face problems in balancing work and family life in the face of homeoffice and homeschooling.

In our online workshop "Gender policy in the crisis. Equality in Times of Corona", we would like to focus our attention on the gender-specific consequences of the pandemic that are less in the public eye. What is the gender perspective on the labor market? What does the pandemic mean for women entrepreneurs? What gender-specific risks exist with regard to social security and violence? And what options are available at the municipal and federal levels to address the problems? We look forward to discussing these key questions.